• IBDP 2: 2022-2023
    (Predicted Final) 40/42
  • IBDP 2: 2022-2023
    (Midterm) 39/42
  • IBDP 1: 2021-2022
    (Final) 37/42
  • SAT – 1500 / 1600 - December 2021


Lumiere Research Scholar
Program under Ms. Mingmei Xiao

I wrote a research paper that examined how Covid-19 impacted countries of varying development levels differently. My paper details the gendered impact of Covid-19 on the unemployment rate with a macroeconomic focus. During this process, I delved into various topics like econometrics and quantitative research. Further, I learnt programming on R-studio with the help of my mentor, a PhD student at Cambridge University, Ms Mingmei Xiao.

Financial Markets course
by Yale University on Coursera

This course had an overview of the ideas, methods, and institutions that permit human society to manage risks and foster enterprise. Further, it utilized examples of current practices and the prospective future. Lastly, it also introduced me to risk management and behavioral finance principles to better understand how banks, and insurance work.

AP (Exam)

Subject: Psychology
Grade: 4/5
April 2021

Trinity communication

Passed level 6 and 8 with distinction in 2019 and 2020 respectively.



Extracurricular activities

Co-founder and leader of Reader's Guide to Chaos | April 2019 – Present

I launched a book club named “Reader’s Guide to Chaos” to rekindle people’s love for reading and to build a community of lifelong learners. Within three months, I was able to assemble a team of 5 and foster a community of 72 members coming from diverse backgrounds.

Founder of Sriracha Fans Relève | August 2020 - Present

I created an Instagram food blog to capture and share my culinary passions with fellow enthusiasts. Not only did this lead me to reading a lot about the history of food and its influences on the cultural zeitgeist, but it also motivated me to share my recipes on social media.

Skills and interests